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Sarah Thomas Kovoor

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My Opponent


"As a former felony prosecutor I believe in the Rule of Law, and when you break the law, there are consequences...not a pathway to citizenship.”

  • Constitutional Conservative

  • NOT a Politician

  • Experienced Former Prosecutor

  • Top Rated Trial Attorney

  • Traditional Christian Values

  • Endorsed by Pro Life, Pro Family, & Pro Gun groups

  • Proud Supporter of President Donald J. Trump

  • 24 Year Legal Career

  • 35 Year NE Ohio Resident

  • Wife, Mother, & Grandmother

My Opponent:

“If someone is here illegaly, there is a pathway to becoming a citizen.” (6/20/17

  • DeWine Appointee (July, 2021)

  • VOTED LIBERAL 85% to 94% Liberal (iVoterGuide)

  • VOTED NO Heartbeat Bill

  • VOTED NO "Stand Your Ground" Law

  • SUPPORTED Parole for juvenile school shooters, cop killers, rapists, and murderers

  • SPONSORED soft on crime laws

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